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Ok reasons for stopping smoking? There’s a multitude of reasons for stopping smoking but I bet most people stop for the same reason as me – yes! that all important reason, our health – the one thing that we only have one of and if we screw it up badly enough it can’t be fixed. I’m a non-doctor type of person, I only go when I absolutely have to. Most of this is to do with the fact that I am overweight and a smoker – 2 very bad things to be when it comes to visiting a doctor. If it’s not the weight that’s the cause then it’s the fags – took me 5 months to visit the doctor with a sore shoulder in 2011 only to discover the problem was nothing to do with my weight or smoking but I had a frozen shoulder. This time I went to the doctors because I had suffered a severe case of cramp in my left calf muscle – bad enough to ensure that it took me 40 minutes to walk less than a mile to my house. After checking the doctor notified me that the problem was not cramp but was infact problems with my circulation caused by, yes! you’ve guessed it, the smoking. This was the kick up the ass I needed, I have 5 grandchildren all under the age of 6 and I do want to be able to walk with them, play with them and generally see them grow up. I’m only 43 years old and I remember seeing my granddad struggling to walk about due to circulation problems – caused by smoking and his age mind you – and I knew there and then I didn’t want this happening to me. Think this was probably the reason I got the big, hit between the eyes, SORT YOURSELF OUT, that I discussed in my last post.

I knew something had to give, either I stopped smoking or I lost weight. I decided to go with what I thought was going to be the hardest one – I decided to stop smoking. I set myself a date, 1st August, and decided that I was going to pay a visit to the local smoking cessation drop in which ran at the local Campus. First visit was on 25 July and I was amazed by how much support and help was offered to me. I was offered a choice of several  Nicorette products to choose from to help with the nicotine cravings. I choose to use the patches and the inhalator, due to the fact that I felt that I needed something to hold in my hand to stop me from wanting to light up. So far it has worked. I have had one little blip in the time since I stopped smoking but nothing major. I feel so much better in myself from having stopped. The group, Keep Well  that run the smoking cessation also give out health checks to people between the ages of 40-64 so off I went for one of them too. I got weighed for the 1st time in ages, cholesterol checked, Diabetes blood test, BMI – well as I guessed my problem is I’m overweight, I have high cholesterol and a high BMI now who’d have thought. The little guy who did my health check was the one who told me I’d had an epiphany so I must thank him for my title of my first blog.

Lesley – Free and Healing for Thirty Days, 3 Hours and 59 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 3 Days and 3 Hours, by avoiding the use of 905 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me £317.14.  Quit Counter

30 days down the line and I can’t believe I’ve reached my first major milestone. I still attend the drop in sessions at my local campus – well I may cry off today you should see the rain outside, I’m gonna need a boat if it keeps up. I’ve also joined a local walking group which I attended for the first time last week. Thoroughly enjoyed it. So that’s my first step to keeping fit started and I didn’t even realise it.

In the past month I’ve used some things to help me quit. I downloaded the Quit Counter that I linked to above. It’s a great way of reminding you how long you’ve been smoke free and it pops up when you switch your PC on. I visit the Nicorette website and I registered there and fill in the wee things it asks you to fill in. Although I’m quitting using Nicotine Replacement Therapy there is an excellent website for anybody who fancies quitting cold turkey (I bow before you if you do this).

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