The Kindle addiction

As mentioned in my previous post I was seriously missing my Kindle as it had gone on holiday with my daughter. Well I must sadly announce that after 19 months of good use my Kindle has gone.

My daughter and her fiancée managed to survive their first Club 18-30 holiday in many years but unfortunately the Kindle and her laptop couldn’t handle the pace. For reasons only known to electrical appliances they have both decided enough was enough and have stopped working. So it’s now new laptop for daughter (she’s buying herself) and when finances allow new Kindle or possibly a tablet for myself – the Google Nexus is very nice (hint, hint)

Not the best way to kick the Kindle habit but these things happen and funnily enough upon hearing it wasn’t working I didn’t want to reach for the fag packet.  RIP my little Kindle.


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One Response to The Kindle addiction

  1. Maybe it’s time to look at one of the newer Kindles. The Kindle Fire looks pretty impressive.

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