Windows 8

Ok this is a new blog to test out the lovely WordPress app that is available for Windows 8. I managed to upgrade my really crappy version of Windows Vista to it yesterday for a grand total of £14.99. Should have been £24.99 but due to my son having a relatively new PC I got a little discount. I only upgraded it this morning so I’m still trying to get used to it. One thing I have noticed is that it seems more geared towards touch screen things. The look of my screen is very much like the Google Nexus that my husband has so not sure how much I like it at the moment. I do know that at the moment all my hardware seems to be working with it. The only item I’ve noticed not compatible with it is a small device that I use to buy my power (will work on my son’s PC though) but my printer, usb mouse and keyboard and everything else seems to be working fine – so far fingers crossed nothing goes wrong.

I’m off to mess about and see what else it actually does and what else I can make it do to make my online life a bit easier.


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