And the clocks went back!

I’m one of those people who has to try and remember to put my clock forward/back when the time arrives. I can never remember which way round it goes unless I recite that lovely little ‘American?’ ditty – Spring forward, Fall back – then I remember.

So now I’m sitting here and it’s just after 5pm and it’s getting very dark outside. This is when we realise that Winter is well and truly creeping up on us. On Friday we had some of the dreaded snow that probably lasted for about all of 15 minutes (maybe slightly longer). Best thing is at the time I’d been heading to my local Sainsburys and as I was trying to cross the road to get there I was moaning about how bright the sunshine was and that it was so bright I couldn’t see the cars coming along the road. By the time I had finished getting what I needed and was getting ready to head out the door of the shop I was stunned to see very heavy snow falling outside. Scotland – 4 season, 1 day – where else can you get that. Mind you if we Scots didn’t have the weather to complain about what else could we moan about?

So other than weird weather, what else has been happening in my life? I’ve had no major smoking blips in the past week. I’ve had my hair cut and dyed YAY! I also have a job interview tomorrow, my first actual interview since the start of the year. Worst thing is I’m not actually 100% sure what the job I applied for entails. It was advertised as Events and Promotions (sorry make that Premotions) but even after looking at the companies website I’m still not 100% sure what I’ve let myself in for. But hey it’s an interview, I’ll go, sell myself and while I’m there I’ll ask what the job is going to be all about. Keeping my fingers crossed it leads somewhere but if it doesn’t it’s good experience and I’m going to get a day out in Edinburgh.


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One Response to And the clocks went back!

  1. Good luck for your interview.
    Did you know that most mobile phone clocks can be autoset using the mobile network. Mine does and it just sorts itself out each time we go into and come out of daylight saving.

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