Gies a joab! – Give me a job

Yes it’s the end of October already. can’t believe we are nearly hitting the end of 2012 already. Well how’s my life been this week? Not too bad as it happens. Believe it or not I am transcribing this blog entry from a handwritten page that I wrote today while on a train on my way back from Edinburgh. Why was I there I hear you ask? Well I had my first job interview in nearly 10 months this week. After applying for what seems like ‘millions’ of jobs this year this was my first interview since January this year.

As part of the new me, new life that I’m trying to live I had decided not just to apply for jobs that I knew I could do and was qualified for but to apply for jobs that I thought I could do. You know the jobs ads you look at and although they say ‘experience preferred’ you think to yourself – I can do that! Well I applied for a job that was advertised on one of the job websites Scotsman (I check this one daily) listed as ‘EVENTS & PREMOTIONS’ think it should have said Promotions – it sounded interesting and I was sure I was more than capable of fulfilling what they were asking for. Here’s how this took place:

Wednesday – applied for job on the website, sent them CV and a covering letter.

Thursday – get a phone call to ask if I’m interested in the job and would I be able to attend for interview the next day. Unfortunately I already had something else planned for that day so my interview was organised for Monday at 11.45am in Edinburgh which is about 40 miles from where I live.

Monday – Mad rush getting ready. Was getting the Edinburgh bus through and had to leave home at 9.20am. My husband came through with me – he has a bus pass so no fares to pay (cheapskate I know). Was a bit of a shock arriving in Edinburgh to discover that the city centre is in the middle of some MAJOR and I mean major renovations. Now wish I had taken some pictures because I can’t find any on the web to show you what it is like. It makes getting about in Edinburgh very confusing. To give you an example, I found the building where my interview was taking place and as I was early I decided that I would grab a coffee and my husband was going to park himself in the KFC across the road from where I was going. Unfortunately there was no just walking across the road to get there, it was a short hike up the road a bit, then cross over, then walk back down then I would have to have done the same in reverse as most of the roads are blocked off with 6 foot fencing. I left my husband to head for his KFC, he was a happy bunny he was going to get fed and sit and play with his Nexus.

So into the building I go heading to my interview. Forgot what I was doing and decided to be good and walk up the stairs. BAD choice, then I realised there was a lift but unfortunately it only went to the 4th floor, the company I was going to my interview with was on the 6th floor. God I am still so unfit, me and stairs still do not mix. I do not know what possessed me to think I could walk up stairs and still be able to breathe when I got to the top. Thankfully upon arriving I had to fill in a short form then there was a bit of a wait in a room full of other people waiting to be interviewed. EEEK ever had one of those – I really shouldn’t be here moments – well that’s what I felt like. Everybody else looked so good and so young and so professional looking. Was well scary. I would say thankfully there was a TV in the waiting area but not sure if that was the case. It was tuned into a David Attenborough wildlife program about lions, which was fun until it then spent about 15 minutes on the mating habits and rituals of the lions.  Now that was one of those OMG moments. Well eventually got called for interview after an hour of sitting around waiting. Interview went well, I found out what the company was and what it did – marketing company, job was for their charity division which would entail getting people to sign up to charity donations (that’s what I’m sure it was). Well was invited to come back the next day for a second interview.

Tuesday – Well decided to head to Edinburgh on the train this time as on the Monday the bus was running slightly late and i didn’t want to run the risk of being late. Decided before I went to treat myself to a new jacket (was badly in need), been so long since I bought anything that I nearly died of shock to discover that the jacket I like was nearly £70. I can’t wait to lose weight and be able to go into the cheap shops to buy stuff. The downside of being larger is that there are very few stores that stock larger sizes and if they do they aint cheap. So off I go on the train, new jacket, Costa coffee, pen and little notepad (£2.89 from WH Smith OMG!!). Gets to Waverly Station in Edinburgh and discover that it is being renovated to and that it was just as confusing as the streets. I’m glad to say I was not the only one who was confused about where to go, there were other people. I spotted a sign that said WAY OUT so followed the sign, bad move – I soon realised upon exiting the station that I did not have a clue where I had come out. Don’t laugh! I had visited Edinburgh on numerous occasions and thought there were only 2 ways out of the station so this was a shock. Eventually upon spotting a familiar building I figured out where I was, thankfully not to far from where i was going to. So off I headed to the next part of my interview – this time Starbucks coffee in hand (or rather in my Costa Travel Mug).

Good sense prevails and this time I take the lift to the 4th floor and walk the rest of the way. Another wait in the reception, thankfully this time the TV is tuned to a business channel. Other people from yesterday arrive and after a bit of a wait I’m in for my 2nd interview. They ask some questions and then I’m told to go sit in the waiting room again. Some of the other people from yesterday go in for interview and leave right after it, so I reckon I’ve done something to still be sitting where I am. Well it’s time to leave to go on the trial part of the interview, there are 2 of us left at this point. Just before we leave the interviewer asks if he can have a quick word with me and very apologetically explains that I’ve not been successful on this occasion. I explain to him that I’m very grateful that they have believed in me enough to invite me for interview, that I’ve enjoyed the experience and I wish them well. I’m just pleased with myself that I got as far as I did, not bad for an old girl who hadn’t been interviewed in nearly 10 months.

So off I head to find my way back to the train station. At first i think I might get myself something to eat before going home but then I realise there is a train about due so I head to the train station, stopping off at a little coffee shop to once again refill my Costa Travel mug and I grab a date & walnut slice. Gets to the train station and there is a train home due in 10 minutes. So soon I’m homeward bound.

So once again it’s back to the job searching. At least I can say I’ve had the experience of an interview again. I am also now the proud owner of a lovely warm, winter jacket. Although I am very skint once again, but I have food in my freezer and power in my meter so I’m fine. Just got not a lot of cash, thank god I don’t smoke cause I wouldn’t be able to afford to buy them.


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One Response to Gies a joab! – Give me a job

  1. Well done, it sounds like it was a very close run thing with you and only one other candidate left. Good experience though and keep plugging away, you will find something good I am sure.

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