The Mask We Wear

The Mask We WearSecond post of the year and I’m hoping I don’t depress and chase people away. The poem above was written by me on a really dark day in our family last year. On 1 September 2013 I awoke to the news of the death of my Aunty.

She was the the Aunty who was always happy, always smiling, always there with a witty comment, always there for her kids and grand-kids. She smiled and laughed a lot and was friend and confidante to many. She was one of a kind. She was a singer of karaoke and put her heart and soul into every song she sang. She had her own sense of style and loved nothing more than trawling the charity shops looking for bargains.

But what lay behind the smile? We will never know because now she’s gone and we miss her like hell.

How many of us actually want to REALLY know how someone is when we ask that question ‘How are you?’. This year on 6 February it will be ‘Time to Talk‘ day. We don’t need a day to talk, let’s start now!


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