The Minefield that is job seeking

I am unemployed and currently pissed off with the jobs that are available on the Directgov website. The jobs I can apply for I apply for. But there is that minefield when it comes to figuring out what a job title really is. You now also have to consider whether a position really exists or not according to the latest stories in the media. While jobsearching I constantly see the same positions listed week after week, by the same companies. Let’s see, here’s a little list of job titles that have been posted in the last 2 weeks.

Retail Sales Developer

Retail Homes Sales Consultant

Home Shopping Retail Development

Field Retail Operative

Retail Sales Personnel/Business Development

Retail Sales Operative

Retail Sales & Marketing Distribution Operatives

Retail Executives Required

Home Shopping Business Development

Trainee Sales/Retail

Work From Home – Retail & Team Build

What do they all have in common? Well other than all being retail jobs as you’ve probably already guessed they are all actually the same. They are all for home shopping catalogues, either Betterware or Kleeneeze. There are loads of these posted on job websites all over the internet and if like me you’ve stupidly ‘applied’ for the position then be prepared, you will be bombarded with emails from them, with links so that you can access their ‘training’ videos. I applaud anybody who has actually managed to make a career out of these companies (we have somebody locally who has done it for years) but it has recently made me wonder if the people offering these positions get commission for anybody they get to actually sign up. The best job title I read for these positions was Outdoor Field Operative, yes I kid you not. In the past 14 days there have been 30 of these positions posted by the same company within Central Scotland.

Then there are the jobs that take you to very basic website – many different job titles take you to websites like this. Not saying that the website I’ve linked to is not real and I know how wonderful computer programs are but it looks a bit dodgy to apply for possible 10 totally different jobs on the same template(In my opinion). It can often take hours to search for jobs because unfortunately you cannot exclude these home shopping jobs from your search. So it’s a case of trawling through virtually every job title 1 by 1 and applying for the ones that you can.

Oh and one I forgot about that I stupidly applied for – Payment Processing Agent . Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Well it turns out it’s actually a money laundering scheme and YES this job was advertised on the Job Centre website in December last year. I am still getting emails from them nearly 3 months later.

That would be my random rant for today.


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