Countdown to Brave the Shave – 27 days

Brave the Shave

Ok so far I’ve got a few people who’ve donated. It’s scary now since I’ve announced to all that I’m doing this. Some people think I’m crazy – they’re not far wrong. So far 17.569 people have signed up for Macmillan Cancer Support’s Brave the Shave so to me that makes for one hell of a lot of crazy people. Most people are supporting me in doing this, even if they think I’m crazy. I’ve had some strange things said to me since announcing I was doing this.

Have you asked work if you can do this? My last place would never have allowed you to take part!

I’d rather take place in a cycle or running event than lose my hair.

And the often said one – WHY! To which I then explain my reasons.

I am very lucky to be able to say that I am not doing this in memory of somebody. I am doing this in honor of 2 very brave and wonderful women who thanks to a quick diagnosis and treatment are still with us. Their lives have changed drastically but they are still alive. There is 1 other lady I am doing this to honor and it’s somebody I’ve never met but I have ‘known’ for many, many years thanks to the power of the internet. She has battled cancer for many years and is still with us and still fighting. She lives in the USA and is the most amazingly brave women I have ever had the privilege of knowing. So for these 3 brave ladies I am doing this.

The one thing I have noticed is how attached some women are to their hair. Yes before anyone corrects me and tells me it’s attached to them so yeah they would feel like this. The one thing I have to keep reminding people is that my hair WILL grow back. It will take time but it will come grow back, that’s what hair does. Some cancer patients will never have that luxury. My aunts will never get back what had to be removed due to Cancer.

I’m not doing a brave thing by getting my hair shaved. I’m doing my part for a charity that needs all the funds it can get to help people. So if you can donate feel free to donate as much or as little as you can afford. Donating online is really easy but if you don’t like doing things like that online, I have some traditional sponsorship forms that I can give to people.


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