Brave the Shave – getting closer

Ok well what started of as a little thing that I wanted to do for MacMillan Cancer Support has kinda grown slightly. I attend a session in the local community hub on a Friday and while we were all busy eating soup at one session we were discussing what I was planning on doing. The chat soon evolved from me taking part in Brave the Shave to how I could get it done there and we could make a day of it. Then came the offers of ‘I could make cakes’, ‘We will supply the tea and coffee’. Everybody got a wee bit excited about what we could do as a group. So now we are making an event of it. It’s a bit exciting and a bit scary but it’s gonna be fun if nothing else.

What I’m finding very strange at the moment is how people keep saying that shaving my hair off is a brave thing to do. Personally I don’t feel that what I am doing is a brave thing. Think it’s a bit stupid, a bit crazy but not brave. It’s hair it will grow back. To me what people who have cancer do is far braver than anything I could ever do. To live with cancer is brave, to get through each day is brave, to smile when you feel like crying is brave, to help others when you need the help yourself is brave, to cope with the pain and suffering and still have a smile on your face – now that to me is BRAVE.

So now do I feel brave? Not really, I feel a little bit crazy. I’ve never been really attached to my hair (sounds stupid I know). I have said in the past that I wished I was a guy then I could just shave it all off. Short hair drives me nuts, long hair drives me insane. At the moment my hair is tied up 99% of the time so it’s not like I’m going to miss it. Although I bet I do.

So my Brave the Shave – 4/9/15 is taking place on Friday 4 September. We will be having coffee, tea and cakes. My hair is being cut by somebody from the local college hairdressing campus for which I will probably be eternally grateful. I had visions of a friend with a set of clippers. We are also hoping to have some information on the work that MacMillan do. So come along and join us if you are near.

If you can’t join us then it’s  World’s Biggest Coffee Morning on 25 September 2015. Find your nearest one and join in or better still organise one yourself.


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