Brave the Shave – done and dusted

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Well I did it! I was not ‘brave’ enough to go totally bald but I did go from hair that was just below my shoulders to a number 3 and 4. I also didn’t go totally grey like I expected, parts of my hair it seems are still dark. Now who would have thought that?

My Brave the Shave day took place in the local Community Campus. My hair was shaved by one of the wonderful students who attends the college within the Campus. I only found out yesterday that it was actually done as an assessment for him. So woohoo for one day I was a hairdressing model!

I was expecting a few people to come along, but I was very surprised when there were over 30 people there. As the area where I got my hair shaved is a Community base some of the people there were not actually there to see me get my hair shaved. One of the guys there was using the computers and it seems when he went home and he told his wife that some crazy lady had gotten her hair shaved at the Hub that day.

It was a great day and we managed to raise over £100. This was an amazing amount to raise and when added to my total it took it to just over £400. I am still waiting on some money being collected and when that is paid into my Brave the Shave account the total should be over £500. I can only say once again Thank You to everybody who donated and to everybody who helped me make my Shave day a wonderful success.

This blog is a little late in being updated due to the fact that I actually thought I had posted this already. It’s now 4 weeks since my Shave date and my hair has grown a little bit. We did try and dye it pink but it didn’t take to the grey, so I’m still little, old grey haired me.


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