Walking for Fun

For some of us walking is probably the only exercise we do. I know the kind of walking I do is not proper exercise but for me I walk because I have to. I don’t drive so walking is my way of getting around the local neighbourhood. If I need to get somewhere I often use public transport.

There are local walking groups in my area and I did join one in the past but I felt they walked a bit too fast for me. Most people had been going for a while and were reasonably fit so their pace was a bit faster than mine. I know I shouldn’t have but I gave up going. Recently a couple of us who attend a local community group decided that we would like to go see some Edible Borders that the local council had planted in the Town Centre area. This was the start of a small informal walking group.

Our first walk was set for 17/09/15 to see the Edible Borders. We met up at the local Community Hub, had a coffee then got ready to set off. What started off as 2 of us going for a walk ended up as 4.  We had our destination in mind but how we got there was a different matter. On this day the weather was nice so we decided to walk along the pathways of the Back Walk area of Stirling. What would normally be a short 20 minute walk took us nearly 90 minutes. This was not because we were slow, but because we stopped to admire the views, to point out areas we played in as children. We spoke about the plantlife that was growing in the area and it was great that one of the people there was quite knowledgeable about plants. We stopped to take pictures of random things and sites that caught our eye. We stopped to discuss the history of the area. We stopped for a seat and a drink of water. We admired the carvings we saw as we walked along. The local council has recently had chainsaw carving done from the trees that needed thinned back or ones that had to be removed for other reasons. If you fancy having a look at the carvings check out this lovely video Wood Carvings, Back Walk, Stirling

We did eventually make it to the Edible Borders. For those wondering what these are then here’s a brief description. At various points around our little city, the local council has planted vegetables in beside the plants. This year there seems to be 2 places in the city centre that have had vegetables planted in beside the floral displays. One area has green cabbages, leeks, strawberries, celeriac, runner beans and ruby chard growing in beside the flowers. The other one has leeks, runner beans, courgettes/marrows, red cabbage and brussel sprouts. You would never know that the lovely display you are looking at can be picked and eaten. We attracted a little bit of attention from people passing when we pulled up a couple of leeks from the border. We had to stop and explain to people that we were not pulling up the plants. Most people we spoke to were amazed and had never noticed that there were vegetables growing among the plants.

The strawberries were delicious. Some of the group went home with a nice selection of freshly picked vegetable. Reporting back they all said that the stuff they made from the vegetable they picked was delicious.

I’ve Googled to try find some online information on the current Edible Borders but can’t seem to find anything. As we’ve been told they were planted by Forth Environment Link and they are a brilliant idea. They seem to have been very well used and it was great to see people using them. We used to take the veg back to the local community hub and make soup with it. The soup was given to the users of the Hub.


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