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Bullying, the Bullies and I.

Originally posted on Paul McDougall's Blog:
Two things happened recently that have made me think about life and more specifically my own life, all 35 years of it. I found out that I am going to be a Father and…

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Countdown to Brave the Shave – 27 days

Brave the Shave Ok so far I’ve got a few people who’ve donated. It’s scary now since I’ve announced to all that I’m doing this. Some people think I’m crazy – they’re not far wrong. So far 17.569 people have … Continue reading

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Braving the Shave

It’s been a long time since I posted on my blog. I never felt I had anything to write about that would interest other people. My life has changed slightly since I last posted though. I am now working part … Continue reading

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The Mask We Wear

Second post of the year and I’m hoping I don’t depress and chase people away. The poem above was written by me on a really dark day in our family last year. On 1 September 2013 I awoke to the … Continue reading

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Gies a joab! – Give me a job

Yes it’s the end of October already. can’t believe we are nearly hitting the end of 2012 already. Well how’s my life been this week? Not too bad as it happens. Believe it or not I am transcribing this blog … Continue reading

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Two steps forward, One step back

Well sad to say that on day 81 I had a major screw up. I bought a 10 pack and I think I ended up smoking about half of them. My daughter and my friend stole the rest of them … Continue reading

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Scraping off the fag ash! Otherwise known as taking out the rubbish

I was going to write about having to give up people who may drag you back to becoming a smoker because they miss your company when smoking, or the fact that they can no longer scrounge fags from you or … Continue reading

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